About The Open Leadership Network

The Open Leadership Network exists to promote the use and further development of Open Social Technologies in the workplace. We are advocates for a variety of Open practices, especially the use of the whole-group Open Space Technology meeting for achieving transformation in organizations.

Open patterns and methods drive employee engagement. The term Open Social Technologies describes a diverse and growing set of protocols, frameworks, and models designed to promote employee engagement and participation, both in the specific context of change, and more widely in the course of everyday work. Being Open, they are easily and inexpensively transferable, repeatable, and reproducible; as patterns, they work both on their own and in combination, the combinations often inspiration innovation. Typically, they are characterized by a sense of invitation and outcome-orientation, both of those essential also to leadership development.

The need both for these tools and for our movement arises from the repeated failed attempts to achieve cultural and process change through imposition, an approach that isn’t merely outdated, misguided, or disrespectful (and it is all of these things), but counterproductive. Goals such as excellence, agility, innovation, alignment, and learning can be achieved only through engagement and participation, and in this context we reject imposition and coercion as incongruent both with those goals and our values.

Engagement is Essential

We believe that employee engagement is the critical factor that determines the success or failure of any kind of organizational change effort.

A primary tool for achieving employee engagement is a leadership style called Inviting Leadership™. The Inviting Leadership style is in turn an essential aspect of an highly efficient approach to enterprise transformation, called Invitation-Based Change™.

Inviting Leadership and Invitation-Based Change

Inviting Leadership is a style of leadership that brings an invitational approach to the overall leadership task.

Invitation-Based Change is an approach to enterprise-wide change that focuses first and foremost on employee engagement.

Most of us spend most of our waking hours inside organizations, where we work for wages and earn a living. Often, the work does not include much decision-making and is therefore not very engaging. Meanwhile, truly engaging work is an essential aspect of overall well-being.

According to the Gallup Organization, most employees at work are not engaged.

Meanwhile, business organizations of every kind routinely struggle to cope with changes and pressures from every direction.

In response to these changes, many organizations try to force a “transformation” on the organization. But so-called “transformation” is not really possible if the employees affected by the change are not invited into the process of defining how the change plays out.

At the O.L.N, we teach eight specific Open patterns that facilitate employee engagement in org-level change. And we have a very clear focus on the inviting, whole-group Open Space Technology meeting format, as the primary tool for achieving transformational change at scale.

The Patterns and Practices

For executive leaders, the whole-group Open Space approach is the primary tool for achieving rapid and lasting change. Our courses and continuing education describe specific practices that enable this kind of change. We teach skills and tools that lead to real employee engagement, strongly improved business outcomes, and a much more satisfying work experience for everyone involved. Our cases studies and experience reports from actual executives provide the proof of these outcomes.

Scaling business agility is not simple, because real success requires real employee engagement. Yet genuine success is achievable though Invitation-Based Change™ and the use of Open Space and Open patterns and practices.

Scaling Business Agility with OPEN Patterns and Practices

These are the eight core patterns of Open Business Agility™. Our continuing education courses and conferences are focused on teaching and advancing these eight core patterns and practices. You can click here or click the image below to learn more about these core, Open patterns:



Each of these eight patterns are essential to success with digital and agile transformation. Each of these eight patterns are also an entire domain of study. Our continuing education programs are designed to develop your mastery of these eight domains.

Success with enterprise-wide business agility is not simple. Yet real and lasting success here is possible, by employing Invitation-Based Change™ and the eight patterns and practices of Open Business Agility™.

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The Open Leadership Network is the source for continuing education and community, for business leaders who want lasting success with business agility transformation. The mission of the OLN is to advance progress by advancing Invitation-Based Change™ and the eight key patterns of Open Business Agility.