The Certificate: HOW TO TEACH ONLINE Level 1 (OLN-HTTO1)


Communicating over video- effectively- is the new “superpower.” Teaching online is a perfect application of this concept:

Earners participate in six hours of instruction and learning, in the concepts, facilities and application of How to Teach Online™. Earners of this certificate learn the dynamics of the video medium to effectively communicate, manage, lead and especially TEACH. These skills support the use of Open patterns since there is no chance of applying Open patterns until there is success in communicating their value and utility with respect to org-level change

Level 1 certificate holders understand the concepts and facilities of to connect, communicate and teach online. Level 1 certificate holders are knowledgable in how to leverage the online video medium to communicate and teach Open patterns and practices, in service to genuine and lasting org-level change. Level 1 certificate holders have a fundamental understanding of How to Teach Online, as applied to org-level transformation programs.

Next Steps for achieving this Level 1 certification: