IMPACT! Agendashift for Products and Services

Credential Earned: OLN-ASHIFTIMPACT1 (Agendashift Impact Level 1)

Course Overview

Impact! is a 1-day Agendashift workshop focussed on products and services. It is suitable for product teams, service delivery teams, managers, and expert practitioners.


  • How to capturing business context
  • How to design hypotheses and experiments
  • Alternative/complementary expressions of user need
  • How to think strategically about outcomes
  • How to managing your portfolio of experiments – optimizing and organizing for learning
  • Experiment design using A3
  • And briefly, some implications for organisation design

Who Should Attend

  • Agents and leaders of organisational change – whether internal or external, specialist practitioner or sponsor
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Those occupying managerial and business leadership roles


This course is 8 hours when delivered online and a full day when delivered in a classroom setting. The online sessions may be 2, 3 or 4 hours each, depending on the instructor.

What You Will Learn

Many of the concepts covered in the Impact! workshop are introduced in Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile, chapters 5 and 6. Reading the book is not a prerequisite, but if you enjoyed the book, you’ll love the workshop – and vice versa!

There are four major sections plus the Epilogue:

1. Getting started

  • Business context – with Celebration-5W
  • User stories and job stories
  • Hypotheses, “hard” and “soft”

2. Product/service goals – outcomes as strategy

  • Outside-in strategy
  • “What new stories could you tell?”
  • Outcomes and obstacles
  • Product/service goal generation – with 15-minute FOTO
  • Option Visibility Mapping (previously known as Reverse Wardley Mapping)

3. Managing experiments, optimising for learning

  • Changeban – our Lean Startup-flavoured Kanban simulation game
  • PDCA and double-loop learning

4. Experiment design with A3

  • Idea generation & selection
  • Hypothesis design
  • Experiment A3
  • Review & retrospective


  • Outside-in service delivery review (OI-SDR)
  • Organising in circles (Sociocracy)
  • Our mission: Wholehearted

Takeaway Materials

Students exit this course with a wide range of PDF artifacts for executing on outcome-based product and service planning using the Agendashift engagement model.

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