Credential Earned: OLN-FA1 (FailAgility Vision Level 1)

Course Overview

In this course to the modern essential competitive differentiator for individuals, teams, and organizations: Failagility.

Success merely reflects a judgment at a particular point in time; today’s success may very well be tomorrow’s failure, and the same actions that led us to success yesterday may not be sufficient for success today or tomorrow. Organizations are imperfect because the people employed within are imperfect, and organizations can only be as agile as their imperfect people and teams. It is thus essential that all employees understand the Failagility Framework as a way to work within an imperfect world, improving resilience to shorten the distance between disappointment (failure) and desired outcome.

Leaders must create the space to wholly embrace imperfection, to try, to listen and to adapt. Because otherwise, the organization will stagnate in the status quo and eventually become irrelevant in the market.

Who Should Attend

  • Executive decision-makers responsible for organizational change and results
  • Directors and Managers who are responsible for executing on the delivery of organizational change, including digital and agile transformations


This course is a half-day; it is 4 hours when delivered online.


  • Perceiving failure positively, to define Failagility
  • Exercise 1: Couldn’t or Wouldn’t
  • Understanding the Success Trap
  • Exercise 2: Success as a continuum 
  • Exploring the Failagility Factor in Organizations
  • Exercise 3: Failing towards Success
  • Final: Leadership’s Role in Cultivating Failagility

What You Will Learn

Whether you’re a team member or a leader, this workshop will introduce you to the wider Failagility Framework so that you may learn resilience. This workshop will introduce you to exactly how to move quickly from one failure to another, to eventually realize success, whether it is in the personal or professional dimension of your life.

Takeaway Materials

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