CONNECT & COMMUNICATE: How to Teach Online

Credential Earned: OLN-HTTO1 (How To Teach Online Level 1)

Course Overview

This course is for teachers, managers and leaders who want to adjust to the online-video medium and develop skills teaching, communicating and leading ONLINE using live video. The online video medium offers opportunities and dangers. This course helps you navigate both.

Participants in this course will learn from Daniel Mezick, who has been teaching online since 2014 and has over 2800 hours of direct experience doing this.

OUTSTANDING Testimonials

Click here to examine the OUTSTANDING TESTIMONIALS that have been generated from this course. Here is just one sample:

From Christopher Avery, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, The Responsibility Company. Christopher has over 40 years of experience teaching…

“I recommend this workshop with Daniel. Why? Because I learned some things, made some new choices, and enjoyed myself. And in return for my investment of time and money in this experience, I received real value. I especially enjoyed how everything Daniel teaches is rooted in a deep principle, idea, or philosophy.  

“Daniel’s CONNECT & COMMUNICATE workshop altered my perspective about being on camera. And about how I want participants to show up on camera.

Who Should Attend

  • Agile coaches digital and agile transformation in their organizations
  • Executive coaches
  • Those who teach for a substantial part of their income, and are now ONLINE
  • Anyone who is responsible for teaching, managing and LEADING online over live video


Participants will discover and apply over 100 concepts, tips and tricks to deliver outstanding online courses. Topics include:

  • Personal Communication
  • Teacher Communication
  • The Communication Platform
  • Essential Books to Examine
  • Essential Links to topics to study
  • Eyes. Hands. Vocal Tone. The Camera.
  • Why and How your “high tech” tools can isolate you from your audience
  • Proven Habits of Highly Effective Online Communicators
  • Online Backgrounds: Good idea or not?

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to connect with students as if you are in the same room.

Participants will become fluent in the tools and techniques that lead to student satisfaction, great student scores, and great testimonial endorsements.

  • What to do
  • What NOT to do
  • Students exit the class with downloadable resources and a Checklist for delivering a great class
  • How to connect with your students and maintain student engagement, enthusiasm and focus during online training delivery

Participants in this class engage in thrilling (and sometimes frightening) practice sessions where you professional peers in the class provide you with valuable assessments and feedback. You exit this class READY TO DELIVER online.

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