OpenSpace Agility

Credential Earned: OLN-OSA1 (OpenSpace Agility Level 1)

Course Overview

This course is taught by instructors certified in the OpenSpace Agility™ (OSA) Engagement Model. It’s a full-immersion experiential course for those who are seeking a rapid & lasting Agile adoption.

Successful digital and agile transformations depend upon engaged employees, including teams, managers, directors and executives. OSA accelerates employee engagement though whole-group events and Invitation-Based Change™.

The OpenSpace Agility certification Workshop contains everything you need to get going now with OpenSpace Agility. This is a fast-paced, one-day experiential workshop.

NOTE: Your in-depth knowledge of the Open Space Technology meeting format is assumed. It is strongly recommended that students first have experience arranging Open Space events in organizations, and/or have attended our OPEN SPACE IN ORGANIZATIONS certification Workshop before attending this course.

Who Should Attend

  • Agile and digital transformation coaches
  • Executives responsible for organizational change
  • Scrum Coaches


This is a full-day class that is 8 hours online. The sessions are 2 or 2.75 hours each depending on instructor preferences and how they set it up. See the Schedules for details.


  • OSA Overview. Open Space & The Power of Invitation
  • Planning before/after Open Space with OSA
  • OSA Execution Basics
  • OSA Execution Internals & Advanced Topics
  • OSA Cycle Internals: The Second Open Space Event (OST-2)Game Mechanics: Goals, Rules, Progress.
  • Opt-in Participation and Invitation
  • The Advanced OSA Topics
  • The Standard OSA Problems and The OSA Tools for Addressing Them

What You Will Learn

Everyone who participates in the OSA certification Workshop achieves the following learning objectives:

  • Competency in explaining the key advantages and benefits of the OSA approach to executives, teams and stakeholders.
  • Familiarity with the wide range of questions asked about OSA, and preparedness to explain the economics and cost-saving features of OSA
  • Readiness to speak confidently about OpenSpace Agility roles, rules, events and artifacts
  • Readiness to invite and guide executives into important and specific learning experiences before introducing the full range of OSA concepts and facilities to them
  • Readiness to plan, arrange and execute a complete cycle of OSA that begins and ends in Open Space
  • Readiness to coach teams, executives and stakeholders through a complete OSA cycle and important learning experiences
  • Confidence in how to plan, arrange, deliver and follow up on the enterprise-wide cycles of Open Space generated by OSA
  • Familiarity with OSA’s measurement tools and KPI improvement toolkits

Takeaway Materials

Students receive:

  • A variety of supporting PDFs including checklists for arranging and delivering one OSA cycle from start to finish
  • 30 days of support by email (Q&A support) from the instructor.

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