The Open Leadership Symposium Includes Discounts on Valuable Certifications

May 15 is the second day of the Symposium, and is the day when the Workshops of the Symposium are presented. Some of these Workshops are offering a Level 0 certificate of completion from the Open Leadership Network.

The Open Leadership Symposium is produced by the Open Leadership Network or “OLN.” The OLN is the certification body dedicated to teaching, encouraging, and spreading the Open patterns and practices that enable genuine business agility.

Your ticket to the Symposium includes Membership in the Open Leadership Network. Your membership in the OLN includes valuable discounts on certified Open Leadership Courses from the OLN that are delivered conveniently, online

In addition to your Membership discounts, participation in any one Symposium Workshop earns you a deeper thirty percent discount on the next-level certification training in that subject, from that instructor. If for example you participate in the No Limits Self Management Workshop from Doug Kirkpatrick, you will earn a Level 0 certificate in that subject, and also receive a very substantial thirty percent discount on the upcoming Level 1 certification class scheduled for delivery online, by Doug, after the Symposium. Since the Symposium schedule allows for your participation in at least 3 Workshops, this means you can earn three discounts of 30 percent each, valued at $180 dollars each. These 3 discounts totaling $540 in value cover all or most of the cost of your Symposium ticket.

Therefore: If you are serious about Open Leadership, the Symposium is the place to be. Everything you are looking for is here: acknowledged experts, deep learning, and big discounts on continuing education in Open patterns and practices. Certified education, in Open Leadership and Invitation-Based Change™, from The Open Leadership Network. 

You can learn more about the  certification programs of Open Leadership Network here.