OLN Community Open Space: Thriving with Change

June 4, 2020: 12-2:30pm ET

You can find the Proceedings here.

About this Event

You are Invited.

You are invited to join our first OLN community Open Space event as we discuss the theme: Thriving with change.

We help others in times of change, but now we find ourselves in the same boat with others, trying to adapt to the circumstances at hand.

You might be wondering how to answer questions such as: How does sudden global change impact us and our future? Can we thrive with change? What comes next for Agile Coaching, Agile, and organizations undergoing transformation and rapid change? How does the current world situation change the way we approach and show up to do our work? How will it affect our lives even after Coronavirus has passed?

How does this sudden shift into connected-video change things? Does this new medium encourage more or less openness?
Is the sudden shift to connected, online communication opening or closing access to decision rights?
What happens to the typical-meeting authority dynamics when everyone is presented equally in a Brady-bunch style, completely random video grid? Which square is the seat at the head of the table?
How do you lead in this new environment? How do you follow?
Do those with better communication skills in this medium have a new kind of superpower? An unbeatable advantage?
Is facilitation of meetings in this new medium essential? If so, what will happen to company culture as a result of this shift?

We invite you to our first OLN community Open Space to explore these questions and more. We are on a journey without maps, except as we co-create them. There are no simple answers, only an opportunity to explore and find our path together. You are invited to join the Open Leadership Network Community on June 4 at 12am ET to begin the exploration.

*This is an Open Space ( event so prepare to engage and be surprised.

You can find the Proceedings here.