2019- BERLIN


The Open Leadership Symposium BERLIN 2019

A single-day event on November 19, 2019 with Master Classes offered the day before and the day after.


The primary goal of the event is to create an opportunity for you to gather immediately actionable guidance, take away several proven and immediately practical Open tools, and meet with like-minded people.

What brings us together is expanding the understanding and use of Open Patterns and Practices, in service to greatly improving the results of agile and digital transformation efforts worldwide.


The purpose and mission of the Open Leadership Symposium is to educate, enable, and support decision-makers who are responsible for enterprise-wide transformation programs. Our emphasis is on how to increase levels of employee engagement through internal motivation instead of imposition. True employee engagement is absolutely essential to the success of your change program.

The symposium is where people come together who are dedicated to living and working according to their values. Those who know that we all face important decision moments; moments that define who we are and the kind of imprint we make in the world of work.

Here you find people with whom you can have open conversations about challenges like this:

You are an independent Agile coach, visiting a potential client with 1500 employees. It’s obvious that the intelligent, well-meaning executive that is interviewing you doesn’t really understand that employee engagement is essential to success in transformation. His org wants to “roll out” imposed Agile practices. They plan to use this big, huge framework. They already decided.
With all the training and everything else, it’s looking like about 200K coming your way over the next 8 months if you get this account. But you are 100% sure it’s the wrong approach. And if you say so, you figure there is a 60% chance your concerns will be lost in translation. And you know you have no more than 45 minutes with this executive. So you sit there, intently listening to his story, and pondering what it means to “do the right thing.” There are 25 minutes left in this meeting. And you know some other consulting firms who are good at marketing will also be interviewed as service providers for this engagement. You realize it’s now or never. And you are not too happy about this…

Or this …

It’s 2011. I’ve been doing hashtag#Agile coaching for about 5 years. I think I know what I’m doing. I’m in the men’s washroom, washing my hands. I’m at a client. 8 teams, all new to Agile. I think it’s going great. We “rolled it out” to these teams, thinking we were doing them a favor. Training, coaching, etc. All push. We never asked. So. The washroom. I’m there. Alone. And this fellow named Anatoly comes in, & starts washing HIS hands. I know him, he’s a software architect. But he doesn’t say hello. So I do. “Hi Anatoly, how are you doing today?” I ask. He responds slowly, looking at me indirectly, slowly, through the mirror. “Oh,” he says in a thick Russian accent, “YOU want to know how I am doing?” “Yes” I say. So he grabs a paper towel & slowly turns around, and pauses, and says… “Agile sucks, and so do YOU.” Stunned, I mumble…”why?” “Why? Because no one cares what I want, or what I think. Because this crap is forced. Because no one cares about my ideas.” “Because no one asks. Because no one in management gives A SHIT. ” And then he very precisely flings the paper towel into the trash. “And so Daniel: have yourself a very nice day. Goodbye.” And he walks out, and I’m standing there in silence, red-faced, staring into the mirror.

This true story originally appeared here

What are your challenges and hopes? What is it that you want to make possible? Come, share, learn, connect and go back to your projects, empowered with practical solutions.

Benefits of Attending the Berlin Symposium

Symposium participants take away valuable learning and continuing-education resources, and they make important new connections. It is here that you will find the others. If you are seeking actionable guidance on how to improve the ability of your enterprise to respond to change, then this is your conference.

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To get a taste of the Open Leadership Symposium you can view pictures from the May 14-15 2019 event in Boston here.

Sponsors and Supporters of the OPEN LEADERSHIP SYMPOSIUM

We are delighted to receive sponsorship and support from organizations that believe in the Open approach.

The following organizations are sponsors and strong supporters of the Berlin 2019 OPEN LEADERSHIP SYMPOSIUM event:

The Agile Consortium is an association of organizations working to increase their business agility using the principles and practices of the agile philosophy. It provides a platform to meet people and exchange knowledge, experience and ideas. This provides organizations the opportunity to move to the next level of agility by using new contacts, insights and techniques.

Among current members of the Agile Consortium are financial institutions, consultancy firms, system integrators, universities and local and national administrations. Agile consortium holds a total of 75 member organizations.

Learn more at https://www.agileconsortium.nl/members-general-information/

SCRUM EVENTS is leading provider of Agile and Scrum education. SCRUM EVENTS is focused on supporting and improving the quality of Agile, and especially Scrum, in Germany. The network arranges trainings across Germany and also the annual SCRUM DAY conference event held in Stuttgart which attracts over 500 participants and sells out every year.

Learn more at https://scrum-events.de