Additional Benefits



Additional Benefits of Attending the Berlin Symposium

When you attend this event, in addition to the learning and connections you make here, you also receive:

  • Tools and resources, including a print copy of the OpenSpace Agility Kompakt in the German language, and an English language PDF of THE GUIDE TO INVITING LEADERSHIP
  • A short-term 30% discount on online education that is available immediately following the conference
  • A longer-term (1 year) discount of 15% on ALL online courses of the Open Leadership Network
  • Membership in the Open Leadership Network, which includes discounts on attending future Symposium events

Tools and Resources You can use NOW

Everyone who attends the Symposium receives a set of valuable and essential resources. This toolkit includes:

  • A print copy of the OPENSPACE AGILITY KOMPAKT in the German language;
  • A PDF copy of THE GUIDE TO INVITING LEADERSHIP in English, and
  • The Kindle Edition of THE OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK in the English language.

Each of these tools provide actionable guidance for decision-makers who are seeking great results.

A Thirty Percent DISCOUNT on Continuing Education

Everyone who participates in the Berlin event becomes a Member of Open Leadership Network, and immediately receives the following valuable benefit:

Participants at the Berlin event receive a discount of thirty percent on the near-term online continuing education programs of the OLN. These selected online courses, available immediately after the conference, will deepen your learning in the Open Business Agility patterns, and also earn you a valuable credential. You can view the full list of OLN-certified courses here.

Membership in the Open Leadership Network:

In addition, every participant becomes a Member of the OLN for the rest of their lives. Members of the OLN receive an ongoing, lifetime 15% discount on any and all programs of continuing education from the OLN. This discount means that you always pay less than non-members for OLN certification courses. Members in good standing also get the very lowest price available to attend future Symposium events.

There are two ways to become a Member:

Participate in an OLN-certified course of education; or

Attend an Open Leadership Symposium event.

All Members of the Open Leadership Network gain access to low-cost continuing education while also earning valuable credentials. Members also enjoy great pricing on the Symposium event. At the Symposium, OLN Members build their skills, and their network, as the deepen their participation in the worldwide Open Leadership Network community.

In addition, the Symposium offers a great lineup of speakers, teachers and learning opportunities. Everything you are looking for is here.


LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SYMPOSIUM: You can learn more about the Open Leadership Symposium and view pages and pictures from the May 14-15 2019 event in Boston here.