Honored Guests


Our Notable and Honored Symposium Guests

In addition to the amazing speakers we have engaged for the AM of the event, the Symposium features a true Open Space event in the afternoon.

At this Open Space, some very notable guests from around the world plan to be in attendance. These honored guests are listed below. Some are teachers. Some are leaders of local communities of practice.

Each of these individuals is an original thinker, an accomplished professional, and often, a very notable voice in the world of Open patterns and practices.  Every single person listed here is a very strong supporter of the Open Leadership Network and the Open Leadership Symposium event.

These are people we listen to! We have no idea how they may choose to engage, or what they may teach. Be prepared to be surprised… To get an idea of what each Guest may add to the event, you can investigate each by using social media, and by clicking through the links they offer below.

Our Symposium Guests include:  


Inga is Board Member at The Agile Consortium Belgium and an Agile coach at SWIFT. She is an experienced Engineer and passionate Agile Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Incident Management, Risk Management, Banking, Payments, and Agile Methodologies. Link: LinkedIn


Patrick is a Board Member of The Agile Consortium and our honored guest. Patrick is a result-driven consultant with 20+ years of experience in different organizations and projects, highly experienced in organizational agile change, mentoring, coaching, and training. He hold a master’s degree in Computer Science and is educated in coaching, marketing, NLP, and leadership development. Link: LinkedIn


Alex is a Board Member of The Agile Consortium and our honored guest. An expert in coach in the domains of Agile and DevOps, Alex is a very energetic person who always strives to improve himself and the people around him. His open character and serious interests in other people makes him a nice and fun person to work with. He has a passion for Agile working, and strives to the highest success for the teams he works with by acting as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach. Link: LinkedIn


STUART TURNER is an OpenSpace Agility instructor and our honored guest.

Stuart holds all of the Scrum Alliance’s guide-level credentials including Certified Agile Leadership Educator, Certified Scrum Trainer, and Certified Enterprise Coach. Thriving workplaces are Stuart’s passion. Being much more financially successful, they will be our future. Stuart’s merely helping those who want to achieve it sooner.

Having initiated radical transformation from within two organisations and having coached and mentored people at all levels in many more, Stuart has a wealth of experience of both personal and organisational transformation. 

Over the past 20 years he has observed the patterns and trends of organisations attempts at agile/digital transformations and now devotes most of his time to educating and coaching holistic approaches to change, both at an organisation-wide level and with the complementary agile leadership skills for individuals.

Stuart is a keynote speaker, a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation, founder of the Agile Singapore Conference, and a member of OpenLeadershipNetwork.com. Link: LinkedIn

Konstantin Döpping

Konstantin is a co-founder of the Mindful Leadership Circle and our honored guest.

Together with three partners Konstantin founded the Mindful Leadership Circle, a non-profit professional network of leaders and experts who strive to bring more mindfulness and compassion into organizations, society, and self.

Today’s challenges of digitization and increasing complexity require new leadership capabilities that endorse self-awareness, empathy, and conscious living and working.

The Mindful Leadership Circle offers a platform for knowledge exchange, co-creation, and impactful activities that allow the humane potential of people, businesses, and society to flourish.

Outside of this Konstantin supports companies and organizations in building atmospheres where employees enjoy working. In this case mindfulness and appreciation is key for him, in order to lead and to strengthen relationships. He is also part of an organization that turns schools into places of participation and interactive learning. By applying innovative methods, challenges like inclusion, digitization or bullying can be overcome in cooperation with teachers, parents and children. Link: LinkedIn


LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SYMPOSIUM: You can learn more about the Open Leadership Symposium and view pages and pictures from the May 14-15 2019 event in Boston, by clicking here.