The Schedule

The Two-Day Symposium Agenda


The primary goal of the event is to create an opportunity for you to gather immediately actionable guidance, and take away several proven and immediately practical Open tools.

The wider intent of the conference is to expand the understanding of Open principles and the use of Open tools and techniques, in service to greatly improving the results of agile and digital transformation efforts worldwide.

In service to these goals, the Symposium design for the first day creates multiple ways for you, the participant, to size up and engage in the various learning opportunities available during your entire experience of the two-day event.

First, there are the short plenaries: most of the plenary speakers are teaching a 90-minute Workshop on the second day. Each plenary session therefore represents an opportunity to closely observe and size up both the value of the topic and the personal teaching style and overall delivery of each Workshop leader.

Second, there is a whole-group activity called Authority Circle which we will explain and review right after lunch. This is an opportunity to learn and take away an immediately useful whole group Open meeting format; one that is focused on leadership. We will then explain and launch into another whole-group exercise called The Debate. This segment of the Symposium allows you to observe once again how those who will be leading Workshops on the second day handle the dynamic and surprising interactions that ensue during this whole-group exercise.

Third, there is the whole-group Open Space Technology event during the afternoon of Day 1. That is your opportunity to attend sessions, and even convene a session yourself. The Open Space offers the opportunity to make deep connections with members of this Symposium. It’s also your opportunity to interact with all of the plenary speakers who will lead the highly focused and interactive 90-minute Workshops schedule on the very next day. Throughout the first day, you will also interact with your colleagues and the wider membership of the event, exchanging your observations, impressions, and likely Workshop selections for the following day.

Fourth, many of the most popular of the Workshops on the second day will be presented twice. This affords you the maximum set of options for selecting your Workshops. On the second day of the Symposium, you are able to select three (3) of the Workshops from a list of a possible 15. You have maximum flexibility in tailoring and planning your total learning experience at the Symposium event. You can tailor and refine your Workshop choices, to receive exactly the kind and type learning you are actually looking for.

Lastly, most of these Workshops come with a Member-level certification from The Open Leadership Network. This is a discount that entitles you to a 30 percent discount on the full Level 1 class. These deeper continuing-education classes are available online after the event. For most participants, the discounts from the three Workshops attended on May 15 will often cover the entire price of your Symposium ticket.

Here is the schedule and Agenda for Day 1: