The Open Leadership Symposium TAMPA FLORIDA USA: February 4-5-6, 2020


The Open Leadership Symposium is the 3-day learning event focused on achieving success with organizational change. You’ll learn how to greatly improve employee engagement, and overall results, by applying the Open patterns and practices of Invitation-Based Change™.

This is not your typical mainstream Agile conference. Instead, this forward-looking event is focused on how to engage your workforce in ongoing enterprise-level change.

The Symposium is focused on introducing and teaching proven patterns and practices that improve employee engagement in the process of change. It so here you will learn about engagement models, Invitation-Based Change, Open patterns, and Inviting Leadership. Open Space. Agendashift. OpenSpace Agility. No Limits Self Management.

You’ll learn from actual executives getting success with these methods today. You’ll also hear from highly cited experts, highly skilled practitioners, and book authors. You’ll hear experience reports from decision-makers and practitioners who are getting real traction, today, by implementing inviting and whole-group approaches to transformational change.

You can elect to attend for 1, 2, or 3 days. The main event is Wednesday, February 5. A rich selection of full-day Master Classes are scheduled for the day before and the day after.

Completely new to Open patterns? Invitation-Based Change? Learn more here.

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The Open Leadership Symposium TAMPA 2020

This is NOT your typical Agile conference.

The world is full of Agile conferences. The world is also full of failed Agile transformations. So how is it that there are so many Agile conferences and so many failed “transformations?”

First: At issue is the approach. We know for sure that pushing change on organizations doesn’t work, and never did. We also know that leaders of organizations are struggling to cope. Many have spent millions with little to show for it.

Second: We know that pushing Agile practices on organizations is seldom questioned, or even discussed for that matter, inside mainstream Agile conferences. A

Third: There’s a growing sense that something is fundamentally out of balance here. And that there is a better way.

The Open Patterns of Business Agility: Inviting Leadership™ and Invitation-Based Change™

Open patterns and practices are that better way. Business Agility is impossible to achieve without Open patterns of leadership and Open communication. Open patterns enable a future of work that makes sense.

At the Symposium you’ll learn how to leverage the Eight Essential Patterns of Open Business Agility:

We teach that invitations from leaders create important decision-points for employees. These decisions made by employees quickly lead to real employee engagement.

Employee engagement is essential to real improvement and lasting change. Open patterns lead to increased employee engagement.

The rest is easy from there.

In the past we assumed that imposing Agile practices would lead to genuine employee engagement and lasting change.

Painfully, we found out otherwise.

For many, the idea of inviting employees to engage is a very radical one. In the future, this idea will be considered completely mainstream. Inviting Leadership, Invitation-Based Change, and the use of Open patterns and practices will soon be well-understood and quite commonplace.

Because Invitation-Based Change actually works.

We are playing a major role in pioneering this important transition. The OPEN LEADERSHIP SYMPOSIUM is the learning event focused on teaching, spreading, and enabling Open patterns, Inviting Leadership, and Invitation-Based Change.

We hope you will join us. The Tampa event offers 3 full days of learning to choose from, with several opt-in social events in between.

At the Symposium you gain access to real experts who are actively pioneering the Open approach. You’ll see case studies and hear success stories about actual implementations.

The Tampa Symposium is focused on teaching patterns, practices, and methods that express the eight fundamental patterns of Open Business Agility.

We have an amazing lineup of speakers and teachers:

Our Speakers and Honored Symposium Guests Include:

Our Keynote:

Ebenezer Ikonne, Associate Vice President of Engineering at Cox Automotive

Plenary Speakers, Teachers and Honored Guests:

Doug Kirkpatrick, Noted Authority on Self-Management and author of BEYOND EMPOWERMENT and NO LIMITS SELF MANAGEMENT

Carol McEwan, Chief Executive Officer, Scrum At Scale

Bob Galen, Renowned Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Practice Lead at Vaco

Heidi Araya, Director of Enterprise Agility, Tenable and co-author of THE OPEN AGILE PRACTITIONER

Mike Burrows, formulator of the Agendashift engagement model and three books on Open Business Agility

Daniel Mezick, Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Open Leadership Network. Co-author of THE OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK and INVITING LEADERSHIP, formulator of the OSA Engagement Model

Cristin Hernandez, Senior Manager, Business Agility at Auth0 and co-author of THE OPEN AGILE PRACTITIONER

Peter Fischbach, SCRUMDAY.DE Product Owner, Scrum At Scale Trainer and creator of the ACTING AS AN EXECUTIVE COACH certification

Stacia Viscardi Heimgartner, Certified Scrum Trainer, Enterprise Coach and author of FAILAGILITY and THE PROFESSIONAL SCRUM MASTERS HANDBOOK


Darren Terrell, co-creator of the INVITING VISION engagement model

Benefits of Attendance and Key Takeaways

First: The Symposium is an experience. You gain access to pioneering experts, gain a deeper understanding of Open patterns, and find other like-minded professionals.

Second: Everyone who attends the Symposium receives a lifetime membership in The Open Leadership Network. Members receive invitation-only access to the OLN Members community online. Your OLN membership also gives you a 15% discount on all online courses and continuing education from the OLN.

Third: Everyone who attends the Symposium also receives a 30% discount on selected, upcoming online courses from the Open Leadership Network. These courses are offered conveniently online in February, March, and April of 2020.

These discounts will often exceed the entire cost of your Symposium ticket.

Symposium Details:

Participate for 1, 2, or 3 days. Choose from 10 different courses that teach Open patterns and practices: Agendashift, Clean Language, No Limits Self Management, and many more.

There are just 100 tickets offered for the main event on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes are generally limited to only 16 seats. So join us: for a most intimate meeting of the minds. Come and conspire with us. Play a part in writing the story of what is beginning to happen…worldwide.

Quick Symposium Links:

The Agenda

The Masterclasses

The Speakers and their topics

The Honored Symposium Guests

Venue and Lodging

About the OLN