The Master Classes in Open Patterns and Practices: Implementing Inviting Leadership™ and Invitation-Based Change™


Business Agility is not really possible without the use of Open and inviting leadership patterns and practices. The following TEN Master classes are offered during the Symposium. Each class is a course offered by The Open Leadership Network.

Each Master class teaches at least one of the eight Open patterns. Here are the classes you can choose from during the Tampa event:

Tuesday, February 4: The Master classes

Inviting Vision:

Inviting Vision is similar to Agendashift and borrows from both Open Space and OpenSpace Agility. Inviting Vision is an engagement model that helps executives set up an initial and compelling but incomplete vision, and then sets up an invitation for the rest of the organization to complete it. Inviting Vision is a method to engage as many employees as possible in the change. From Darren Terrell and Diana Williams. Learn more here.

Open Space in Organizations:

This class teaches how to bring inspired, whole-group events into you wider enterprise-transformation program. Includes checklists for leadership prep, facilitator prep, physical-space prep, and how to conduct online Open Space events with hundreds in attendance. Learn more here.

Impact! Agendashift for Products and Services:

How to bring a strategic and outcome-oriented approach to the positioning and development of products and services. Agendashift sets up the “why” question, helps you develop a coherent strategy, and through its disciplined commitment to outcomes creates space for collaboration, self organization, innovation, and leadership. Highly recommended. Learn more here.

Acting As An Executive Coach:

For real change to occur, decision-makers must authorize it. But how will that authorization ever occur if we cannot reach and then teach executives? In this course you learn how to play the role of executive coach, effectively limiting your behavior and interactions in pursuit of real influence. This course covers topics as diverse as coach/client psychology, acting theory and more. Learn more here.

Thursday February 6: The Master Classes

Fundamentals of Promise Theory

Coordinating activity in an uncertain world requires flexible communications between autonomous players. As humans, we wrestle daily with the running of teams, departments and entire global enterprises. Ambiguity abounds. How do we scale cooperation? How do we scale the messy business of continuous improvement? Promise theory provides a coherent answer to some of these questions. It offers a new way to think about (and deliver on) scaling organizational change.  From Mark Burgess. Learn more here.

No Limits Self Management:

A set of tools and techniques for creating a high-performance organization based on two simple principles. From Doug Kirkpatrick. Learn more here.

OpenSpace Agility:

OSA is an invitational approach to to organizational change that engages as many employees as possible in the change. OSA is an engagement model that can be added to your framework at any time. It leverages the use of the Open Space meeting format in 90-day waves of change. Learn more here.

Inviting Leadership:

An approach to leadership that mixes invitations into the flow of leadership delegations. Invitations acknowledge the at-will nature of your highest performers. From Daniel Mezick and Mark Sheffield. Learn more here.