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Attend the Open Leadership Symposium TAMPA Feb 4-5-6, and learn about how others are getting better results by using these patterns and practices:

  • Invitation-Based Change: Change based on employee engagement and opt-in participation, instead of mandates
  • Inviting Leadership: Leadership that mixes in some invitations with those delegations, thereby generating self-organized FEEDBACK
  • Whole-group Approaches: Instead of top-down “push”, get all the people in the room, and find out what’s possible!
  • Workforce Engagement in the Change: Instead of ignoring the employee-engagement aspect, FOCUS ON IT and address it by using Open patterns and practices.
  • Open patterns and practices: Use proven patterns and practices that invite participation, awkward conversations, and real improvement by engaging the workforce in the change
  • Solving for scale: Realize that scaling anything in practical terms depends on willing people, human agency, and the space to exercise that agency. PUSH doesn’t scale.
  • Solving for business-agility, at scale: Learn about the tools, techniques, patterns and practices for achieving better outcomes…at scale…

If you are sensing that something big is brewing, this is your conference: the future of work has everything to do with workforce engagement, whole-group process, and the leveraging of the best available scientific research on how to coordinate work, at scale. Come to Tampa and learn how.

Some of the more notable speakers include….

  • Mark Burgess, originator of PROMISE THEORY
  • Doug Kirkpatrick, originator of NO LIMITS SELF MANAGEMENT
  • Eb Ikonne, Assistant Vice President of Engineering, Cox Automotive
  • Carol McEwan, CEO of SCRUM AT SCALE, formerly of Scaled Agile and Scrum Alliance
  • Bob Galen, prolific blogger and noted authority on Agile coaching and the Agile industry
  • Mike Burrows, originator of the Agendashift Engagement Model

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There are 10 full-day Master Classes:

February 4: 

February 6: 


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