Open Leadership Courses


Inviting Leadership Level 1

“Transformations can’t be accomplished without others helping voluntarily, & people don’t help unless you engage them first.” -GEOFFREY A. MOORE, author: Crossing the Chasm and ZONE TO WIN

2 hours x 4 days = 8 hours



No-Limits Self-Management Level 1

A course in how to improve business outcomes through the implementation of organizational self-management.

2 hours x 2 days = 4 hours



Open Space in Organizations Level 1

Learn how to plan, design and deliver highly engaging, invitational whole-group events using the Open Space Technology meeting format.

2.5 hours x 4 days = 10 hours



OpenSpace Agility Level 1

The OpenSpace Agility certification Workshop contains everything you need to get going now with OpenSpace Agility. This is a fast-paced, one-day experiential workshop.

2 hours x 4 days = 8 hours



The Engineering of Cooperation (Basic Promise Theory) Level 1

A guide to engineering cooperation in human-technology contexts.

2 hours x 2 days = 4 hours


Supporting Courses


Acting As An Executive Coach Level 1

Learn specific techniques, methods and approaches for successfully coaching executives as a trusted adviser.

2 hours x 4 days = 8 hours



Connect & Communicate: How to Teach Online Level 1

Learn from experts about how to connect and communicate as a teacher over the online-video medium.

2 hours x 3 days = 6 hours