Open Leadership Courses


Clean Language for Teams Level 1

Clean for Teams is an entry-level workshop / webinar series for those wishing to experience Systemic Modelling - a new way for people to learn about one another in groups, enabling them to move away from contempt and competition and towards curiosity and collaboration.

3.5 hours x 4 days = 14 hours



Inviting Leadership Level 1

“Transformations can’t be accomplished without others helping voluntarily, & people don’t help unless you engage them first.” -GEOFFREY A. MOORE, author: Crossing the Chasm and ZONE TO WIN

2 hours x 4 days = 8 hours



No-Limits Self-Management Level 1

A course in how to improve business outcomes through the implementation of organizational self-management.

2 hours x 2 days = 4 hours



Open Space in Organizations Level 1

Learn how to plan, design and deliver highly engaging, invitational whole-group events using the Open Space Technology meeting format.

2.5 hours x 4 days = 10 hours



OpenSpace Agility Level 1

The OpenSpace Agility certification Workshop contains everything you need to get going now with OpenSpace Agility. This is a fast-paced, one-day experiential workshop.

2 hours x 4 days = 8 hours



The Engineering of Cooperation (Basic Promise Theory) Level 1

A guide to engineering cooperation in human-technology contexts.

2 hours x 2 days = 4 hours


Supporting Courses


Acting As An Executive Coach Level 1

Learn specific techniques, methods and approaches for successfully coaching executives as a trusted adviser.

2 hours x 4 days = 8 hours



Connect & Communicate: How to Teach Online Level 1

Learn from experts about how to connect and communicate as a teacher over the online-video medium.

2 hours x 3 days = 6 hours


Community Events


CAJ 057 - Decision-Making for your Agile Team

In the journey towards an agile organization, leaders attempt to grant “more autonomy” to teams. This means teams now have more choices and decisions to make. Most people don’t even consider that making a decision in a group setting has many nuances. How will we decide? Does group decision making mean everything must be a consensus? Who might have final say? By whom and how can a decision be overridden? Won’t chaos or confusion ensue if we give people too many decisions to make?

1 hour