Acting As An Executive Coach Level 1


Learn specific techniques, methods and approaches for successfully coaching executives as a trusted adviser.


“Transformation” coaches have been told and in fact sold the idea that: if you can facilitate, if you can teach, and you can mentor, and you can coach, you are all set. This is simply not the case. Facilitating, teaching, mentoring and coaching is not enough.

To counsel executives, they must first have confidence in you, and view you as a trusted adviser. Without this kind of relationship with executive leaders, all coaching is a “local optimization” that cannot and will not change the wider system. THIS course introduces you the essential and missing element to your coaching skills: acting like an executive coach.

To counsel executives, you must be perceived as a knowledgeable, trusted adviser. Getting there is not simple, and involves study, preparation, execution and follow-through on a wide range of essential skills in verbal and non-verbal communication.

This course teaches those skills, and how to leverage them to gain access to executives. The result is a real opportunity to manifest system-wide change by influencing executive decision-makers. This course includes a strong emphasis on acting skills, and acting concepts such as Acting Theory.

Credential Earned



Knowledge of the dynamics of organizational change is helpful but not required

Who Should Attend

  • Transformation and organizational coaches currently working at the Team level
  • Scrum Masters
  • External and internal Agile Transformation Leads


Four sessions of 2 hours over four days.


  • Preparing for executive coaching
  • Executive leader psychology
  • Internal/External Coach psychology
  • Non verbal communication: movement, clothing, gestures. Eye contact
  • Acting out the role of executive coach
  • Acting concepts and facilities
  • Advanced acting concepts: Acting Theory
  • Coach-Client interactions: the effective protocols
  • Books, links, resources for deeper preparation and study

Important Note

Upon conclusion of this course, you will understand many of the most important adjustments you need to make to work at the next level in organizations. You’ll know tools and techniques for becoming perceived as a trusted adviser to highly authorized executives in organizations pursuing organizational change.

Each Student Receives

Students receive several resources, including:

  •  Checklists for preparing to communicate with executives; each covers a domain area of concern as you prepare to interact and ultimately coach executives
  • Book lists and links to resources on the web that deepen learning
  • 30 days of email support (Q&A support) from the instructors