Connect & Communicate: How to Teach Online Level 1


Learn from experts about how to connect and communicate as a teacher over the online-video medium.


HOW TO TEACH ONLINE course teaches you how to connect and communicate as a teacher, over the online-video medium. This skill is essential if it is your job is to teach, manage or lead. This course is essential for being effective, online, in the new, online, video-centric world of work.


Teaching effectively online is not about tools, although tooling and support are important. Communicating online is not about high tech, although technology is key. Online training delivery is about “high touch.” It is about connecting with your students.


The techniques taught in this course will provide you with new skills—“superpowers”-- that will separate you from the rest.


Your online course requires great content. And you provide that. But after the content, you need to know how effectively connect with your students and communicate across this new medium. You need to know how to deliver. You need to overcome the “distance” in “distance learning.” You need to find a way to take the “remote” out of “remote training”… and make it real, in human terms, for every single student.


The HOW TO TEACH ONLINE course show you how to do exactly that.


In 3 short session of 2 hours each, you’ll learn how to…


  • Consistently engage your online students
  • Start and end your class in a memorable way, every time
  • Communicate clearly and connect with your students, effectively, every time, across the video medium
  • Plan each hour of your class in a way that maximizes student learning & satisfaction
  • Deliver your online courses in a way that distinguishes you from the competition
  • Get consistently high grades from your students



HOW TO TEACH ONLINE provides you with the skills you need to bring Invitation-Based Change™, Inviting Leadership™ and the Eight Open Patterns of Business Agility™ to your enterprise. Daniel Mezick is the principal instructor and expert on subject of teaching online. He has over 20,000 hours of teaching experience in addition to over 2500++ hours teaching online since 2017.

Credential Earned

OLN-HTTO1 (Connect & Communicate: How to Teach Online Level 1)



Who Should Attend

  • Teachers
  • Facilitators
  • Managers
  • Executive Leaders


Three sessions of 2 hours over three days.


Session 1: Connecting with Personal Communication using Video

Session 2: Creating the Instructor/Student Connection inside the Online Video Medium

Session 3: Setup, Hardware Devices and Software Tools

Each Student Receives

Your participation in How To Teach Online includes the following artifacts:

  • A log of every link, book and resource described in the class
  • A Checklist of over 100 do’s and dont’s for delivering great online learning experiences
  • A toolkit and related guide, for converting your slides into online video backgrounds


“I am extremely grateful I took Daniel’s class.  He showed us a human and value-producing approach to online teaching, built on years of experience.  We learned both the “doing” and “being” of teaching agility that can produce great practitioners at the end of each course.  I highly recommend anyone considering teaching *any* subject online to learn what Daniel offers.”

- Professional Teacher, Jeff Lopez-Stuit



“Are you someone that teaches adults for a living and now find yourself in a position to create an awesome learning experience virtually? I am currently attending a workshop lead by Daniel Mezick who has years of experience creating these experiences virtually. I did not know what to expect but my expectations have been exceeded! “

-Professional Teacher, Bob Sarni



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