The Invitation-Based Change™ Conference:

August 18, 2021 from 08:30AM ET to 12:30PM ET

Are you looking for a way to improve the results of your org-level change program?

Are you questioning the wisdom of imposing change in your own organization?

Are you looking for a better way?

Are your answers, yes, Yes, and YES?

Then this is your conference.

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Our mission is to make the future of work an engaging, collaborative and connected experience so that no matter where you are, no matter what you do, you are doing it together.

August 18 2021

0830AM to 1230PM ET (NYC time)

Employee Engagement In the Change Is Essential

Inside this event, you’ll hear candid, real-world reports from executives and practitioners who have focused on inclusiveness to generate GREAT results (and very high levels of employee engagement) within their own transformation programs.

This conference is focused on how to engage your workforce in process improvement. This conference gives you the tools you need to implement a proven approach: Invitation-Based Change™ .

Everyone who participates in the event will gain access to tools for implementing this approach. At this conference, each speaker tells their story of success with Invitation-Based Change™, while providing the tools they actually used to get it done. This conference features experience reports from actual executives and practitioners around the world, who are implementing the Open patterns and practices that actually create success through employee engagement !

These Eight Patterns of Open Business Agility from the Open Leadership Network support the Invitation-Based Change approach to digital and business-agility transformation

Each participant at the The Invitation-Based Change™ Conference receives:

  • PDFs: You exit this conference with access to PDF toolkits provided by each speaker, so you can put IBC to work in your own organization.
  • VIDEOs: As a participant, you get access to short testimonial videos that can be used to engage executives in a discussion of the Invitation-Based Change™ approach
  • EDUCATION: You receive valuable discounts codes for online classes before and after the conference, classes that can help you climb the learning curve of Invitation-Based Change™.
  • COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP: Each participant is invited to join the Invitation-Based Change (IBC) community, which includes membership in small groups and cohorts of coaching professionals who are implementing Invitation-Based Change™ in their own organizations.

NOTE: Can’t make the event, but you want to use the videos, PDFs, related resources, and tools? Then SIGN UP today and you’ll automatically receive these valuable materials. The executive-testimonial videos, in particular, are important tools for introducing Invitation-Based Change and Open patterns to the executives in your own company.

Here is an example of the experience reports you will hear from actual executives and practitioners who are using invited and Open patterns and practices to achieve genuine enterprise-wide business agility:

Here is a SAMPLE OF THE EXECUTIVE SPEAKERS (many more executive-level speakers to be announced soon! )


Executive: Eddie Wilkerson, Agile PMO Vice President of Bendix CVS at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, with Dan LeFebvre, Senior Executive & Agile/Scrum Coach, SCRUMINC. Eddie will explain how he is using Open patterns and Invitation-based Change™ to “transform the transformation” at Bendix. Expect a lively session with a clear description of the challenges & opportunities of the Open approach.


Executive: Heidi Helfand, former Director of Engineering Excellence, Procore Technologies Inc (currently VP of Engineering Growth, Kin Insurance) Heidi helped lead the Product & Technology organization through new ways of working at Procore, and leveraged Invitation-Based Change (IBC) to help make that effort a huge success. Learn more…


Executive & Coach: Apala Mukherjee, Enterprise Agility, Consulting and Services Integration, Tata Consultancy Services (“TCS”) USA with executive coach DARREN TERRELL. TCS has 400,000 employees globally and uses Open patterns to help the largest organizations in the world improve and transform. Learn more…


Executive & Coach: Jan Van Dravik, BNP Paribas with Pablo Pernot, CEO of BENEXT, Paris France. Pablo Pernot brings 8 years of experience implementing Invitation-Based Change in the largest organizations. In this session, he also brings some of the executives he has served. Learn more…


Executive & Coach: Ms Huynh Thuy Hang, CEO of Vinh Duc Real/Vietnam with consultant and coach Dr. Cherry Vu, TEAL UNICORN (New Zealand). Dr. Cherry Vu advised her client, Ms Huynh Thuy Hang, CEO, Vinh Duc Real, in how to use Invitation-Based Change with Open patterns to create authentic & lasting change by engaging the entire workforce. You’ll hear their story. Learn more…


Executive & Coach: Mark Katz, former CIO of ASCAP with Executive Coach Daniel Mezick of Improving Agility/USA. Mark engaged Daniel and used OpenSpace Agility to bring big changes to ASCAP. He explains the challenges (and the great outcomes achieved) during this presentation. Learn more…


Many more great executive speakers to be announced soon ! Expect AT LEAST seven executives, each with an undeniable story you do not want to miss.


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Software Product Sponsor: WELO: The New Way to Work

Our mission is to make the future of work an engaging, collaborative and connected experience so that no matter where you are, no matter what you do, you are doing it together.

August 18 2021

0830AM to 1230PM ET (NYC time)