THIS conference is about executives telling their stories, describing how they achieved surprising and even stunning results by using Open patterns and Invitation-Based Change to achieve great success in enterprise-level change. You do not want to miss this conference !

Our executive plenary speakers include:

EXECUTIVE HEIDI HELFAND: Former Director of Engineering Excellence, Procore Technologies

Heidi helped lead the Product & Technology organization through new ways of working at Procore, and leveraged Invitation-Based Change (IBC) to help make that effort a huge success. You’ll hear how the specific use of Open Space Technology events which led to the identification of enthusiastic champions who then led important change initiatives. Those initiatives made a huge & measurable impact on the organization’s overall health, morale, and growth. Ask her your toughest questions.


With PABLO PERNOT, Executive Coach BENEXT Company, Paris France

Pablo pioneered the use of Open patterns and OpenSpace Agility in Europe beginning in 2013. Mr. Pernot will be bringing at least one executive leader who he has coached to the conference. This executive, with Pablo, will tell their story of enterprise-wide success using Open Patterns and Invitation-Based Change.

EXECUTIVE: APALA MUKHERJEE, Executive Head of Agile Transformation Services, Tata Consulting Services USA

With executive coach DARREN TERRELL, Senior Consultant, Tata Consulting Services USA

TCS executive Apala Mukherjee will tell her story of authorizing the use of a technique called Inviting Vision, created by Darren Terrell. She will describe the journey of authorizing and sponsoring Open Space events inside TCS, a 400,000-person global consultancy. She will describe how TCS is transforming their Agile practice into a powerhouse of Agile change for both TCS internally, and the very large global corporations that they serve globally. View the related short video here.


With DR. CHERRY VU Executive Coach & Principal, TEAL UNICORN (of New Zealand)

Ms. Huyng Thuy Hang and coach Dr. Cherry Vu plan to tell their story of success transforming an entire enterprise quite quickly, using the Open patterns of Invitation-Based Change. This is an executive testimonial you do not want to miss!

EXECUTIVE MARK KATZ: Former CIO of The American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers

With DANIEL MEZICK, Executive & Agile Coach at IMPROVING AGILITY

Mark Katz led the transformation of ASCAP using Open Space and OpenSpace Agility. That effort led to the development of an innovative and mission-critical software system that led to ASCAP winning the CIO100 award for one of the best IT software systems in the for that year, WORLDWIDE. Learn how morale, software quality and customer satisfaction skyrocketed as ASCAP leveraged Invitation-Based change and the Open approach.

Many more executive-level testimonials be announced soon!

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