We are grateful for each and every sponsor and supporter of The Invitation-Based Change™ Conference. Please learn about and consider patronizing these great organizations who are supporting Invitation-Based Change and the wider Open movement:

The Open Leadership Network (OLN) is the producer of the event. The OLN is the certification body and community that advances the worldwide adoption of Open Patterns and Practices so that organizations, and the people in them, can thrive.

The vision of the OLN is a world where everyone is invited, to engage, meaningfully, in every decision that affects their work. Through our ongoing programs of community events and continuing education, we spread these ideas, by teaching Open patterns and practices and eight specific Patterns of Open Business Agility™. You can learn more about the OLN here.

BENEXT COMPANY is the Paris, France-based consulting firm serving the Product space:

BENEXT was built on a desire displayed by its founder, David Robert, to allow people to express their full potential, to be equipped and sharpened to live large, in full knowledge, with the most assets in hand . This is our common foundation, it translates into mentoring, community organization, training, events, and more. It is available both internally and externally. Knowledge, understanding, potential is the wealth that we want to develop.

Click here to learn more about BENEXT.

Sociocracy 3.0 (S3) is social technology for evolving agile and resilient organizations at any size, from small start-ups to large international organizations. Using S3 can help you to achieve your objectives and successfully navigate complexity. You can make changes one step at a time, without the need for sudden radical reorganization or planning a long-term change initiative. Click here to learn more about S3.

SCRUM EVENTS is a Germany-based network of Scrum professionals delivering community meet-ups, trainings, and the annual SCRUM DAY Conference event which ios the largest annual Scrum conference event in Germany. Click here to learn more about SCRUM EVENTS

Frug’Agile is a community and a conference event thst showcases the Agile communities of France and Armenia. Frug’Agile is a bi-lingual, global event that gets back to basics. Click here to learn more about the Frug’Agile conference event coming in October 2021.

Lean Agile Intelligence is a Modern-Day Assessment Platform enabling change agents to tailor assessment templates to their context, drive organic and systemic improvements, and accelerate transformational outcomes. Lean Agile Intelligence makes assessments a value-added exercise. Click here to learn more about Lean Agile Intelligence.

lernOS is a self-management method for people living and working in the 21st century. lernOS integrates elements from methods like Scrum, Objectives & Key Results (OKR), Getting Things Done (GTD), and Working Out Loud (WOL) and in an integrated approach. lernOS produces a conference and offers Guides and Resources for your learning. You can learn more about lernOS here.

Access Agile is the community that grew out of the Agile20 Reflect Festival in February of 2021. Access Agile focuses on providing access to free and open tools and resources for Agile professionals worldwide. Access Agile is a new kind of Agile Organisation focused on Unity and Education for all run by experienced Agile Practitioners for free. As with the Festival, Access Agile is committed to creating a free resource for the Agile Community Worldwide. You can learn more about Access Agile here.

Agile Atelier is the unique podcast produced by Rahul Rahul Bhattacharya. You can learn more about Agile Atelier here.

The Agile Consortium is an association of organizations working to increase their business agility using the principles and practices of the agile philosophy. It provides a platform to meet people and exchange knowledge, experience and ideas. This provides organizations the opportunity to move to the next level of agility by using new contacts, insights and techniques. Learn more about Agile Consortium here.

Coaching Agile Journeys is a group committed to living the agile journey to the fullest. We are dedicated to finding highly focused topics that help escalate development in each of our agile coaching journeys. We grow as a strong, tight-knit community of agile practitioners who have a drive to excel at our craft of coaching others in the art form that is agile excellence. Come and join us in our agile journeys and take an active part in writing your own.

The Agile Uprising Coalition a purposefully built, free community that is open to all agile practitioners of all experience levels. It is a safe place to ask questions, collaborate, grow and network with other agile practitioners around the globe. The Agile Uprising Podcast covers all topics associated with Agile. Passionate about the world of agility, the Agile Uprising Podcast regularly welcomes provocative thinkers as guests. Learn more about the Agile Uprising Podcast here.

The Coaching Conversation is a podcast that explores the world of coaching. Hosted by Salah Elliethy, this podcast focuses on the coaching as applied to Agile change in organizations. Learn more about The Coaching Conversation podcast here.

Improving Agility is the USA-based company specializing in delivering training, execuvive coaching and consulting Open patterns in Invitation-Based Change™. Improving Agility delivers several Level-1 certificate courses from the OLN, including Open Space in Organizations, OpenSpace Agility and more. Learn more about Improving Agility here.

Agile Singapore is the leading Agile community of practice in the Singapore city-state. The group delivers meet-ups, education programs and conferences in service to Agile practitioners in Singapore and beyond. You can learn more about Agile Singapore here.

Lean Agile Training delivers Scrum certification courses online and in traditional formats. Contact them for private in-house training as well an public, open enrollment courses. You can learn more about Lean Agile Training here.

Agile Boston is a user group and community of practice serving Boston Massachusetts USA and beyond. This group produces the GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event featuring Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber and other industry leaders focused on Scrum. The event is now in its 13th consecutive year. Agile Boston runs monthly online meet-ups that are free. You can learn more about Agile Boston here.