Miriam Sasse

Miriam Sasse

After studying industrial engineering and psychology, Dr. Miriam Sasse focused on the self-optimization of project teams and work processes. She currently works as an agile coach and transformation consultant at Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA / arvato Systems. She is a certified business coach and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, especially Schematherapy according to J. Young. Her focus is on making psychological perspectives and techniques understandable and applicable for engineers and computer scientists. Areas of application are resilience, crisis and change management – in classical projects, agile teams and transformations. An author, Miriam is the co-author of the following books:

  • The German-language OPEN SPACE AGILITY HANDBUCH (with additional and original content added)
  • The German-language OPENSPACE AGILITY KOMPAKT, a brief Guide to OpenSpace Agility
  • AGILE SHORT STORIES in the German, a collection of real-world situations that explain the spirit of agility
  • The English-language translation of the OPENSPACE AGILITY KOMPAKT


 Books from Miriam Sasse & Joachim Pfeiffer

Miriam promotes and teaches the OpenSpace Agility engagement model (OSA), with which leaders create space and guardrails for employees to engage and arrive at their own solutions. This is precisely how profound and sustainable change occurs. Open Space Agility offers a structured approach to change that paves the way to a truly agile organization through freedom and transparency.

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