Protocols for interactions, frameworks for organizing teams, and meeting designs are inherently social technologies.  Social technologies have the potential to advance the progress and functioning of teams, communities and the wider society at large. Social technology can improve organizations, communities and even civilization itself. 

For social technologies to rapidly advance human progress, they must be published in a way that allows for their free derivation, innovation and combination. The open source licensing of social technology allows this, and thereby encourages genuine and lasting human progress.


In light of the foregoing, we,  the undersigned, hereby declare: 

First: Social technologies such as interaction protocols, organizing frameworks, and meeting designs carry with them the great potential to improve human conditions.

Second: Human progress is impeded when promising social technologies are closed to derivation and commercialization into new, innovative and useful forms, combinations and designs.

Third: Innovation and human progress is encouraged when social technologies are published in an open way, under a true open source license.

Fourth: The publication of promising social technology under open-to-innovate licensing arrangements represents a very large opportunity to rapidly accelerate human progress.


We, the undersigned, hereby declare our strong support for the open source licensing of social technologies, and pledge our strong support and encouragement of others who do the same. 



Harrison Owen, the originator of Open Space Technology

Daniel Mezick, the formulator of OpenSpace Agility

Michele and James McCarthy, the co-creators of The Core Protocols & the Core Commitments

Mike Burrows, the formulator of Agendashift




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Deborah Pontes USA October 14, 2020
Alexandre Thibault France October 5, 2020
Dino Zafirakos Spain September 16, 2020
Rommel Ancheta Philippines September 16, 2020
François Knuchel U.K. September 10, 2020


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Deborah Pontes USA October 14, 2020
Alexandre Thibault France October 5, 2020
Dino Zafirakos Spain September 16, 2020
Rommel Ancheta Philippines September 16, 2020
François Knuchel U.K. September 10, 2020
Xavier Warzee France September 5, 2020
Shane Hastie New Zealand September 3, 2020
Andreas G. Wittler Germany August 22, 2020
Craig Cockburn Scotland August 14, 2020
Scott Seivwright Scotland August 4, 2020
CATHERINE PAMPHILE France July 31, 2020
Dave Jacques Canada July 20, 2020
Theresa Given United States July 8, 2020
Robert Mederer Germany July 6, 2020
Jeff Koors United States July 1, 2020
Steve Thomsen United States June 28, 2020
Steve Moubray United States June 24, 2020
Mahmoud Ghoz Egypt June 24, 2020
Gideon Sawicki Australia June 23, 2020
Marcelo Lopez United States June 23, 2020
Deborah Pontes USA June 23, 2020
Peter Stannack United Kingdom June 23, 2020
Marijn van der Zee The Netherlands June 23, 2020
John Mills Australia June 23, 2020
Vijay Rrddy USA June 22, 2020
Marcelo Horacio Fortino Argentina June 20, 2020
Vijay Chander Canada June 20, 2020
Ash Tiwari United Kingdom June 18, 2020
Ann K Brea United States June 16, 2020
Susan Hasty United States May 27, 2020
Adam Walls United Kingdom May 26, 2020
Rob England New Zealand April 15, 2020
Ken 'classmaker' Ritchie United States April 2, 2020
Raghu Challapilla United States February 20, 2020
Claudia Lindby Denmark February 18, 2020
Jakub Jurkiewicz New Zealand February 13, 2020
Samuel Anachuna Nigeria January 10, 2020
Kjell Tore Guttormsen Norway January 8, 2020
Bernd Nurnberger Japan January 6, 2020
Arjay Hinek USA January 6, 2020
Carol Dekkers USA January 6, 2020
Christian Kerpen Germany January 6, 2020
Felicia Perkins USA January 5, 2020
John Buck USA January 2, 2020
Darrin OBrien USA January 1, 2020
Marc Lustig Deutschland December 28, 2019
Nenad Maljković Croatia December 26, 2019
Tom Brown 41xRT December 25, 2019
Michael Mccalla USA December 20, 2019
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Jerry Durant December 19, 2019
Jerry Durant Philippines December 19, 2019
Michael Ong Singapore December 19, 2019
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Jean Richardson USA December 18, 2019
Jon Jorgensen USA December 18, 2019
Christian Gusenleitner Austria December 12, 2019
Bernhard Bockelbrink December 10, 2019
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Matthias Steines Germany December 8, 2019
Alidad Hamidi Australia December 8, 2019
Marai Kiele Germany December 7, 2019
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Steven Mak Hong Kong December 7, 2019
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Evan Leybourn Australia December 6, 2019
Heidi Araya USA December 6, 2019
Doug Kirkpatrick USA December 6, 2019
Deborah Pontes USA December 6, 2019
Mark Sheffield USA December 6, 2019
Salah Elleithy USA December 6, 2019
Leise Astrid Passer Jensen Denmark December 6, 2019
Olaf Lewitz Germany December 6, 2019


Open Source Documents


Description: How to Deliver Open Space events using Zoom video, from Mark Sheffield and Daniel Mezick


Description: How to Deliver Open Space events using Zoom video and Miro, from Kjell Guttormsen.

THE SCRUM GUIDE: from Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber

Description: The Core Definition of Scrum, published open source and free to the world.

OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY: from Harrison Owen and the Open Space Institute USA

Description: The Core Definition of Open Space Technology