OLN Community-Partner Organizations

OLN Community Partner organizations support the OLN by introducing, teaching and helping to spread the 8 Patterns of Open Business Agility™ in their own events and classes.

OLN Community Partners deliver OLN-qualifying events. These are events that raise awareness of the Open patterns, and may teach several aspects of practical implementation.

When you participate in a qualifying event from an OLN Community Partner, you are given an opportunity to join OLN as a Member. OLN-qualifying events include various free public events as well as a variety of public classes delivered by OLN Community Partners.

When you become an OLN Member you are joining the OLN community and get invited to Member-only events, in addition to other valuable benefits including discounts on OLN classes and conferences.

You can stay notified of upcoming OLN-Qualifying events by subscribing to our list.

Please join us in supporting our OLN Community Partners !

OLN Community-Partner Organizations Include:

Coaching Agile Journeys offers a free meetup event that is recorded in video and audio formats for playback. These high-quality online meet-up events feature great speakers and topics for coaches in the Agile space. Learn more at

Stuart Turner and HolisticAgility offer the Certified Agile Leadership courses and other courses such as Certified ScrumMaster, certified by Scrum Alliance. His Certified Agile Leader courses are OLN Qualifying events. Stuart is based in London and provides training and coaching worldwide. You can learn more at

Agile Boston started in 2007 and has delivered over 145 since that time. Agile Boston continues to conference and community events. The group produces the GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event the week of the USA Thanksgiving holiday. The event features Jeff Sutherland from SCRUMINC and Dave West, the Chief Operating Office of Scrum.Org.That event is now in it’s 13th consecutive year (with Ken Schwaber keynoting with Jeff for 9 of those years.)

In the present day, Agile Boston also arranges and delivers two great special-guest meet-up events each month in addition to annual GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event. Agile Boston is also an OLN Chapter.

You can learn more about Agile Boston and sign up for the mailing list and events at

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