On Open Source Licensing for Social Technologies


Truly open licensing encourages innovation. The ability to compose new derived works and commercialize them creates affirmative conditions for real progress.

Put another way, the publishing of social technologies through rigid copyrights and closed licensing schemes does nothing to promote progress. And we need more progress now.

For social technologies to rapidly advance human progress, they must be published in a way that allows for their free derivation, innovation and combination. The open source licensing of social technology allows this, and thereby encourages genuine and lasting human progress.

Social technology such as meeting designs, frameworks and engagement models which are published open have the potential to improve the lives of many people and advance human progress. Examples of social technology that is published open include The Scrum Guide, Open Space Technology, The Scrum At Scale Guide, and the Core Protocols, etc.


Link: ON PROGRESS AND SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY. A declaration on open source licensing for frameworks, meeting designs, protocols and other social technology designs. You can affix your name to this declaration, and in so doing, support the declaration and encourage others to do the same.