We have a public group on LinkedIn which is an easy entry point into the OLN.

Joining is simple. Come on in !

Click here to click through to the LinkedIn group. Please be sure to review the Ground Rules listed below before joining!

Ground Rules

These are the Ground Rules for the Open Leadership Network LinkedIn group. They appear here because LinkedIn limits the number of characters in a post, so the Ground Rules are posted here instead.

Please read carefully before joining the LinkedIn group. Online groups need clear rules and boundaries to function properly. So here they are !

READ THIS FIRST: This group is *highly* focused on 1 and only 1 topic: 

This one ===> Open Patterns & Practices, as described at THE OPEN LEADERSHIP NETWORK 


    • The Open Leadership Network group on LinkedIn is a community of practice devoted to rapid and lasting org-level change, by using the principles of Invitation-Based Change™ (“IBC”) and the supporting Open Patterns and Practices which are described at
    • This group is the place to post questions, provide answers, post experience reports, tell stories, and have discussions about using the Eight Patterns of Open Business Agility from the OLN. This group is also the place for discussing specific practices (such as Open Space Technology) which expresses many of these patterns. 
    • This is the place to have fun learning, with others, about Open patterns and practices, in service to rapid and lasting org-level development and improvement.
  • GROUP MEMBERSHIP STATUS: You agree that everyone who continues to be a member here (or not) is at the sole discretion of the Admin and/or Moderators.
    • Regarding Off-Topic Posts and Noise: You agree to help us keep the signal-to-noise ratio at a high level, by keeping your posts on-topic.
      • You agree to help the whole group by posting useful, on-topic questions, on-topic answers, and useful information.
      • You agree that those who post off-topic noise to this group more than once will be banned after their post is deleted.
    • Regarding Shameless Self-Promotions: You agree that spam, the marketing of products, services and events, and off-topic self-promotion is STRICTLY prohibited here.
      • You agree that solicitations focused on Open Patterns are welcome, to the extent the offer supports the aims of the group listed above. So for example, posting about OLN-certified courses are always welcome here. Posts about events focused on one or more of the Open patterns are A-OK. However, posts about garden-variety Agile courses, or any other off-topic posts (for example, solicitations from other communities) are not at all appropriate here. As always, if you are not sure, ask.

If you think your solicitation is borderline, contact a Moderator or Admin to get authorization first. If you post a promotion of your off-topic blog post or anything else not DIRECTLY related to the Eight Patterns of Open Business Agility as explained on the Open Leadership Network web site, expect that your post to be deleted without notice and you may be banned.

SUMMARY: These Ground rules are very minimal by design, so use your judgement when posting, and have fun! These rules are subject to change from time to time.