RESOURCES for Implementing Invitation-Based Change™ Across Your Organization

The following are resources for studying and using the Patterns of Open Business Agility to implement Invitation-Based Change™. We hope you enjoy these resources. The content includes:


  • VIDEO: Executive Interview: An executive from the public company NUANCE explains how 8 Open Space events rapidly delivered on the desired outcome: accelerated culture change leading to higher performance in the 900-person Global Engineering division. Length: 2.5 minutes
  • VIDEO: Executive Interview: An executive from public company INTUIT explains how Open patterns transformed the leadership team and then the entire operation of a 180-person division of INTUIT. Length: 15 minutes.


  • PODCAST: The JimRuttShow interview on Open patterns with Jim Rutt, current Trustee and former Chairman of the Santa Fe Institute of Complexity Science. Explains Open patterns in practical terms, with real-world stories, explanations, and insights. About 1 hour.
  • PODCAST: The Coaching Conversation. A great explanation of Invitation-Based Change™, Open patterns, and Open Business Agility. 1 hour.
  • PODCAST: Agile Uprising. A clear explanation of OpenSpace Agility, an engagement model used to reduce risk by generating tremendous employee energy and employee engagement in your Agile-change program. 1 hour.
  • PODCAST: Agile Atelier. A discussion of Invitation-Based Change™  and the essential nature of employee engagement in enterprise change programs. 1 hour
  • PODCAST: The Conversation Factory. An interview explaining how executive leadership teams who focus on employee-experience design get the best results. And how leadership of a change initiative is in large part an exercise in…game design.
  • PODCAST: Dare Real Agile. An interview and conversation on Open patterns, Invitation-Based Change, the Agile Industrial Complex and more. Total time: 1 hour.


  • VIDEO: Promise Theory Part 1: An explainer-video and primer on the deep code of the Open Patterns. Length: 10 minutes
  • VIDEO: Promise Theory Part 2: A second explainer-video that goes into more detail on the deep code of the Open Patterns. Length: 10 minutes
  • VIDEO: The 8 Patterns Explained: A conference-event recording of executive & Agile coach Stuart Turner on implementing the eight Patterns of Open Business Agility™. Length 40 minutes.
  • VIDEO: Inviting Leadership and the 8 Patterns: A rapid 30-minute presentation from Daniel Mezick at the AGILE MAINE 2019 conference event. He quickly introduces inviting, followed by some of the key Open patterns, followed by a panel-type discussion moderated by both himself and Niels Pflaeging, who keynoted the conference event.

Nuance Corp Executive with 900 People Worldwide Explains the Power and Advantages of Leading with Open Patterns and Open Space Technology

Nuance Corp implement AI and speech recognition and technology is their product. Nuance executive Jacob O’Leary explains how he used whole-group Open Space Technology events to achieve his goals for a 900-person, worldwide engineering organization. In this video he explains how he used used 8 Open Space events, delivered across 5 continents, to identify the best ideas, build engagement, and align 900 globally distributed software engineers on values, goals and OKRs. 2 minutes long