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For clarity, following are the current rules of TWAA. It is very short list; recall the AUTONOMY aspect of the TWAA Honor Code.

These rules can and will be amended from time to time:

RULE #1: TWAA Members may invite others: All TWAA members are fully authorized to invite others into the secret TWAA group on Linkedin. Remember to be selective. Choose people who are ALREADY ALIGNED. Less is more. We invite from the edges, rather than the center. TWAA is a grassroots movement. As such, be VERY slow to invite prominent voices unless there is very clear, almost-absolute evidence of almost 100% alignment (which is going to be hard to find.) Look for clear evidence of alignment in their public posts, [Likes], [Shares] and comments. Do not invite casually. Be selective and invite from the edges, not the center.

In all invitations to all invitees, always include these two links in all your invitations:

  • The One TWAA Description: (
  • The One Secret Group on LinkedIN: (

Last thing about inviting: periodically, as needed, we may pause the inviting-feature, to assimilate new members and stabilize everything, before opening it up again to new Members.

RULE #2: All TWAA Members agree to keep and honor The TWAA Commitments as a condition of Membership. Banishment from The One Tribe of TWAA is the consquence for not keeping these commitments.

RULE #3: Likewise, all TWAA Members must keep and honor The One Honor Code of TWAA