You have arrived at this page from the Flourishing Futures conference event, or some equally great place that has sent you here on purpose.

Welcome to the Open Leadership Network!


We all want a world that operates as an open space. A world based on Open patterns and practices. How exactly will be build that world?

The purpose of the Open Leadership Network is to spread Open patterns and practices throughout the world of work.

We do this through continuing education, conferences and events, and the ongoing construction of a purposeful worldwide community. OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY is big part of any world that is truly Open. e advocate for the use of Open Space in organizations worldwide.

So. Take a look around. You might be wondering how to join.

If you are here, you can join the OLN and be part of wider, emerging, ongoing CONSTRUCTION of a world you actually want to live in.

How does that land with you?

Joining means you want to construct something new, with others, and you want to place OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY and the entire set of Open patterns and practices in the center of the space.

Joining means you want to spread Open patterns and practices throughout the world of work. With everyone else who is here.

Joining is simple. Just add yourself to the list below. Adding your name means:

1. You are aligned on what OLN is working towards, and
2. You consent to receiving OLN news, via email, approximately every two weeks, and
3. You consent to receiving a lifetime 15% discount on all OLN courses and education, and
4. You consent to being an OLN Member, which includes working, with others, to build a world, inside the wider world of work, a world that is based on Open patterns and practices such as Inviting Leadership(tm), Invitation-Based Change(tm), and Open Space Technology…

…and now: You are invited: